Vermont meaning
Definitions of vermont is:
  • noun vermont
    a state of the NE United States: a part of New England. 9609 sq. mi. (24,885 sq. km). Capital: Montpelier. Abbreviation: VT (for use with zip code), Vt.
  • noun vermont
    a state in the northeastern US: crossed from north to south by the Green Mountains; bounded on the east by the Connecticut River and by Lake Champlain in the northwest. Capital: Montpelier. Pop: 619 107 (2003 est). Area: 24 887 sq km (9609 sq miles)
  • noun vermont
    New England state of the U.S.: admitted, 1791; 9,250 sq mi (23,956 sq km); pop. 609,000; cap. Montpelier