Sarawak meaning
[suh-rah-wahk, -wah]
Definitions of sarawak is:
  • noun sarawak
    a state in the federation of Malaysia, on NW Borneo: formerly a British crown colony (1946–63) and British protectorate (1888–1946). About 50,000 sq. mi. (129,500 sq. km). Capital: Kuching.
  • noun sarawak
    a state of Malaysia, on the NW coast of Borneo on the South China Sea: granted to Sir James Brooke by the Sultan of Brunei in 1841 as a reward for helping quell a revolt; mainly agricultural. Capital: Kuching. Pop: 2 071 506 (2000). Area: about 124 449 sq km (48 050 sq miles)
  • noun sarawak
    state of Malaysia, occupying NC & NW Borneo: 48,050 sq mi (124,449 sq km); pop. 1,648,000; cap. Kuching