Haeckel meaning
[hek-uh l]
Definitions of haeckel is:
  • noun haeckel
    Ernst Heinrich [ernst hahyn-rikh] /ɛrnst ˈhaɪn rɪx/ (Show IPA), 1834–1919, German biologist and philosopher of evolution.
  • noun haeckel
    Ernst Heinrich (ɛrnst ˈhainrɪç). 1834–1919, German biologist and philosopher. He formulated the recapitulation theory of evolution and was an exponent of the philosophy of materialistic monism
  • noun haeckel
    ˈErnst Heinrich (ˈɛʀnst haɪnʀɪç) ; ernst hīnˈriH) 1834-1919; Ger. biologist & philosopher