Bermuda meaning
Definitions of bermuda is:
  • noun bermuda
    a UK Overseas Territory consisting of a group of over 150 coral islands (the Bermudas) in the NW Atlantic: discovered in about 1503, colonized by the British by 1612, although not acquired by the British crown until 1684. Capital: Hamilton. Pop: 69 467 (2013 est). Area: 53 sq km (20 sq miles)
  • noun bermuda
    group of islands in the W Atlantic, c. 584 mi (940 km) southeast of N.C.: a self-governing colony under British control since 1684: c. 21 sq mi (54 sq km); pop. 58,000; cap. Hamilton
  • noun bermuda
    a group of islands in the Atlantic, 580 miles (935 km) E of North Carolina: a British colony; resort. 19 sq. mi. (49 sq. km). Capital: Hamilton.