Amanita meaning
[am-uh-nahy-tuh, -nee-]
Definitions of amanita is:
  • noun amanita
    any of various saprotrophic agaricaceous fungi constituting the genus Amanita, having white gills and a broken membranous ring (volva) around the stalk. The genus includes several highly poisonous species, such as death cap, destroying angel, and fly agaric
  • noun amanita
    any of a genus (Amanita) of mushrooms (order Agaricales), with white spores and, usually, white gills, some of which, as the death cap and the fly agaric, are very poisonous
  • noun amanita
    any agaricaceous fungus of the genus Amanita, comprised chiefly of poisonous species.