Abelard meaning
[ab-uh-lahrd; French a-bey-lar]
Definitions of abelard is:
  • noun abelard
    Peter. French name Pierre Abélard. 1079–1142, French scholastic philosopher and theologian whose works include Historia Calamitatum and Sic et Non (1121). His love for Héloïse is recorded in their correspondence
  • noun abelard
    Pierre1079-1142; Fr. philosopher, teacher, & theologian
  • noun abelard
    Pierre [pee-air;; French pyer] /piˈɛər;; French pyɛr/ (Show IPA), (Peter Abelard) 1079–1142, French scholastic philosopher, teacher, and theologian. His love affair with Heloïse is one of the famous romances in history.