5 Best Study Apps

Our brain must always be fit for learning. So it’s a vital necessity to be organized, educated and ready to study constantly. Introduce you five best study apps for Android and iPhones that keep your brain in shape. 


To become bilingual or even multilingual you merely need a desire, and a smartphone with Duolingo installed. This app is full of fun and will never remind you of boring lessons of a foreign language. It’s easy to use and needs only 5 to 20 minutes per day for studying. But if you will be consistent and purposeful, the results wouldn’t wait. Select a language you are interested in, do not miss these interesting classes, and soon you’ll succeed. Read the full review of Duolingo Free App.


Peak is an app for brain training, and it provides games for smarter minds. Neuroscientists and game experts developed forty unique brain puzzles for this app. By playing them, you can empower your memory, attention, problem-solving skills, mental agility, language, coordination, creativity, and emotion control. Create own brain map and compete with the friends for better results. Here you can find mind-calming games as well - to relax after brain challenges, for example.

Motion Math: Cupcake!

Find out how to build a business with this app full of fun. Motion Math: Cupcake! takes you to the world of cupcake delivery with its rules and challenges. You’ve got to buy ingredients and bake cupcakes, deliver them to the customers and solve the problems that can usually occur when you have a private business. You have to find out, what would be the profitable price for your bakery products and how to please different kinds of customers. To succeed in your strategy you’ve got to use basic math principles and economic concepts. Motion Math would be useful for children and their parents as well.

Star Walk

This app is dedicated to those who are in love with astronomy and the starry sky. Star Walk is extremely beautiful and simple in use. It helps study stars, constellations, planets and other celestial objects. Having it on your smartphone, you’ll get an in-built astronomical telescope for observing the starry sky, a tremendous amount of information (including 3D models) of celestial bodies, special filters for watching the stars and other impressive options that would bring you closer to the mysterious stars.

Rosetta Stone

It’s an award-winning mobile app for learning foreign languages. Select from the list of 19 languages and learn whenever and wherever you are. Don’t miss your lessons even if you are offline. There are features to make your studying process convenient and effective. With the phrasebook, you will always have easy-to-access greetings, phrases, useful expressions that will be useful for traveling! With the stories, you’ll get an opportunity to add new words to your vocabulary from reading stories in their original language. Audio companion is meant to supply you with downloadable audio lessons. And the patented TruACCENT™ will refine your pronunciation and help you sound like a native.


To conclude we have to say that there are loads of educational applications which you can find in the web app stores. Try the recommended apps or make your own investigation and search the new ones. Always look for the better studying opportunities. And don't forget: all is good in your pursuit of knowledge.